Announcing 2019 Winter Flash Fiction Contest.

After the fun we had with our Halloween Flash Fiction contest, we decided to do another one!



  • Must include a fantastic element: magic, sci-fi, horror, ghosts, even jolly Ol’ St. Nick himself (or anything similar) You decided.
  • Must be set on or around a winter holiday (it doesn’t have to be Christmas)
  • No more than 1,500 words.
  • No more than one submission of Poetry and Prose (you may do one of each)
  • Entries must be posted in an email, we will not download any files.
  • Deadline: Dec 15th
  • submit to:
  • Stories do NOT have to be unpublished.  We aren’t above sloppy seconds… that came out wrong.


Chances are you have more cash than we do at the moment. In fact, don’t be surprised if you run into us at the office Christmas party and we try to hit you up for a fiver. Don’t worry. We’ll pay you back. Promise.

But, that means, much like the Greek festivals of old, the prize for best story is….bragging rights!


  • Runners-up will have their stories published on a post leading up to the announcement of the winners.
  • Winning stories will be recorded as part of our Holiday Special podcast by WGN staff.
  • We may have some office supplies, fruit and old ketchup packets in the break room; but we were told if we try that again the postal workers will stop accepting our packages.



We will have the right to edit and publish entries in any format we wish for three months after the contest end date, but writers with retain the rights of the their story.

Join the fun - leave a comment below!