Overwatch reveals Hero 29: Ashe.

Overwatch has revealed Hero 29, the newest hero for the game and her name is Ashe.

If you can Imagine a combination between Widowmaker and McCree; you have Ashe, a rifle specialist with a movement ability in the form of a shotgun. Her ultimate ability calls in her omnic friend Bob, a member of her gang in the games story.

In terms of that story Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock gang, a gang of rebel outlaws, who were responsible for the heist that lead to the state of the Route 66 map. Ashe leads the group alongside a number of other rebels and seems to have been romantically involved with McCree at some point in the past.

You can check out the trailer for Ashe below, expect her to hit the PTR soon and hit the live servers in a few weeks time and we’ll be ready with a review when shes does.

Cameron McCulloch-Keeble

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