Kids! Can You Invent A Superhero?

Hi Gang! With all the unusual and scary things going on in the world right now, not to mention the boredom we’re all feeling sat around at home for a lot of the time, we wanted to do something fun and creative which might help take our minds off things for a while.

Therefore, World Geekly News are extremely excited to invite young readers of the site to join in our Invent A Superhero event – #WGNInventAHero.

The idea is simple, as the title suggests – can you create and draw an amazing superhero? We know you’re a really creative bunch and will have some brilliant ideas, but if you need any help, here’s our simple guide to inventing your hero:


Firstly, what is their Hero Name? Does it describe what they can do, like The Flash, The Human Torch or Elasti-Girl? Or is it a name that tells you how amazing they are, like Captain Marvel or Mister Fantastic? Or do they just use their real name, like Constantine or Luke Cage? Secondly, what is their real name – their Secret Identity? Often, but not always, superhero identities are alliterative – which means that their first name and surname begin with the same sounds – like Peter Parker, Clark Kent or Bruce Banner.

Origin Story

How did your hero get their powers? Were they bitten by a radioactive creature like Spider-Man? Were they caught in an unusual explosion like The Hulk? Do they have an expensive suit of armour that can do incredible things like Iron Man? Are they from another world or land where everyone has amazing abilities like Superman, Thor or Wonder Woman? Have they trained so hard that even though they have no powers, they are still great at fighting crime, like Batman? Did they get their powers through magic, like Doctor Strange, Scarlett Witch or Shazam? Were they born with their powers, like the X-Men?


What can they do? Can they fly? Can they turn invisible? Can they teleport? Is there something impossible you always wished you could do? Your hero could have many powers, like Superman (flight, laser vision, strength) or just one, like Magneto (the ability to control metal). Maybe they have amazing powers like Captain Marvel (flight, strength, can fire energy blasts) or maybe they have ridiculous powers which could actually turn out to be helpful, like Aquaman (talking to fish) or Squirrel Girl (can talk to and control squirrels, can gnaw through any material).


Like all of us, superheroes have weaknesses too. Superman is allergic to Kryptonite, Spider-Man struggles to split his time between crime-fighting, his family and his schoolwork, Wolverine can’t swim, The Hulk becomes less intelligent as he gets angrier and Green Lantern even loses his powers if he sees the colour yellow! But what makes superheroes so inspiring is that they find ways to fight evil despite their limitations. What are your hero’s weaknesses? And how do they overcome them to still save the day?


We’d love to see what your hero looks like. What kind of costume or armour do they wear? Do they have a logo on their chest? Do they wear a cape? Do they have a utility belt like Batman, a shield like Captain America, or a magical sword like She-Ra? Are they a creature with no clothing at all like Groot or do they wear normal clothes like Jessica Jones or Professor X?

It’s entirely up to you what you do. Your hero can be any age, colour or gender. Maybe they are even an alien, an animal, a robot or a ghost! They could be entirely made up, or they could even be based on you or someone from your family (but please don’t use real names – make up a cool secret identity).

Please ask your parents to send scans or photos to us via our Twitter account @WorldGeeklyNews or our Facebook page with your first name only, and use the hashtag #WGNInventAHero. We’ll share or retweet them as and when they come in, and we’ll also collect them all up to make a gallery of them all on the site afterwards.

We’ll leave this open for just over a week, until the end of Friday 17th April and we’ll display them all in the week after that.

This is not a competition – it’s just for fun and to keep us creative while we’re all stuck indoors, but even so, the WGN team will still choose our absolute favourite superhero and our resident professional illustrator, Andee Dee, will use his own superpower to draw your creation how they might look in a real comic book!


Here’s an idea my friend Jason and I came up with a few years ago during a quiet period at work.

Hero Name: Silver Fox
Secret Identity: Paul Perkins
Origin story: Paul was struck by lightning while brushing his hair and he merged with the mirror
Powers: Can travel from one reflective surface to another. Villains always tell the truth in his presence.
Weakness: Is powerless if there are no reflective surfaces. Always carries a pocket mirror, just in case.

Hero name: Shadow Heart
Secret Identity: Jason Jeffries
Origin story: Fed up of always being ignored, Jason bought a magic potion from a sorcerer to make him more popular, but he was impatient and drank it at night instead of in daylight and it had the opposite effect, making him invisible!
Powers: He is invisible all of the time unless he makes a noise, and only then can people see him. Because of this, he can sneak up on criminals and stop them before they realise what’s going on. Only Silver Fox can see him all the time.
Weaknesses: He can be seen in a mirror and if he makes any noise, so he has learned to move around silently.

Here are my drawings – please feel free to download and print the black and white one to colour in!

Paul Childs

As well as writing for Den of Geek and Your Truth, Paul also runs Badgers Crossing, a site for ghost stories. He loves the 1980s and thanks to a keen interest in Public Information Films he has never been electrocuted or set himself on fire.

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